Voice and Public Speaker Training for Todays Leaders!

The Speech Coach

When your presentation is approaching fast you need results now! Arthur specializes in taking gifted speakers to the next level and getting novices across the finish line. As a master coach he is able to quickly identify issues and correct them to get your speech ready! This is accomplished by creating a safe space where you can take risks. Calming your fear and channeling it into stage presence, developing your content, dealing with body, movement, vocal issues, connecting with the audience and being fully present are all areas that will be dealt with.  The result will be a highly polished finished presentation whether  you have months or a day till your presentation.

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Keynote Development

Speaking involves a set of skills that through repetition can be mastered. Training is a process of learning these skills and honing them. Presence, connecting, stillness, movement, emotional accessibility, projection and storytelling are some of these skills. Training can be done in groups or individually. Many students start with coaching for a particular speech then advance to ongoing training. Training results in a mastery of these skills so speaking and storytelling becomes almost natural. As training advances much less time is needed to prepare speeches. Training also allows the speaker to reach levels not possible without training.

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Public Speaking Coach

"New research shows the sound of a person's voice strongly influences how he or she is seen. The sound of a speaker's voice matters twice as much as the content of the message, according to a study last year of 120 executives' speeches by Quantified Impressions, an Austin, Texas, Communications analytics company. Researchers used computer software to analyze speakers' voices, then collected feedback from a panel of 10 experts and 1,000 listeners. The speakers voice quality accounted for 23% of listeners evaluations; the content of the message accounted for 11%. Other factors were the speakers passion, knowledge and presence."

What if I could provide you with a device that you could take on stage with you which allowed you to make your audience feel what you feel, laugh when you laugh? With this tool you could make your audience follow you with passion believe in what you believe and move them emotionally to do what you ask? 

Well you were born with this instrument. It is your voice. Your body creates sound which is your voice. You shape this sound to create speech. Your voice is designed to communicate your deepest being and feelings to others in a way that they can feel. Your voice is meant to stir people to move them. 

The problem is we are taught to shut this process down for many reasons. This cuts us off from our power. Voice training is the process of helping you understand what is blocking your voice and thus your power. Training can free anyones voice and by doing so you will develop the ability to move and influence people.

By training in voice and also learning the skills of public speaking it is possible for anyone to give powerful presentations. This is a very deep level of training that can be learned by all but is rarely taught.

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Matt Dumas-Senior Pastor-Central Christian Church-Lancaster, CA.

“Arthur does amazing work…through his coaching my speaking ability went from being somewhat mediocre to very noticeable over the course of a couple of months. I’ve had several comments on the difference it’s made in my presentation and overall demeanor as I speak. I have experienced a freeing of my voice that has been more than just a physical experience… I would highly recommend Arthur to anyone wishing to become a more effective communicator.”

"Exceptional class! Arthur does a fantastic job of helping folks realize their voice potential. Well worth the time investment."

Dan Bailey - Executive Director - Just Say YES - Youth Equipped to Succeed.

“I have experienced dramatic change in the power, range and quality of my voice after working with Arthur for several months. My words have been more connected with my emotions and I have been able to express myself in a more full and engaging manner.

Even people in my office have commented on the changes in my voice. The bottom line is…I found that my emotions, my whole body and my voice are now able to work in unison to help me effectively communicate with others as I express my thoughts, ideas and feelings.   This newly acquired skill is serving me well in “one on one” communication, staff meetings and large group presentations. Thank you for your excellent work in the self-discovery of freeing my voice!” 

Bill Stone - Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.

“Arthur’s depth of knowledge of the human body and how its complex systems work together to produce the voice, combined with his ability to blend that with the spiritual, make his training a truly unique opportunity.  Add to that his kind and gentle spirit and his warm sense of humor.  His sessions are interesting and fun and, best of all, effective.”

Neil Tomba - Senior Pastor - Northwest Bible Church - Dallas, TX.

"Working with Arthur has not been fun - it has been exciting, painful, and joyful. 

Allowing someone to critique my preaching has been humbling, freeing, and stretching. 

Bad habits are exposed, clarity is realized, and awareness is gained of how my voice is touching others. I've come to understand how God has uniquely created me to craft a piece of art called a 'message,' and moved deeper into giving something each Sunday that is uniquely Neil. Arthur has dramatically changed my voice.  My voice is far more powerful, expressive and affects people more profoundly as a result of this work.

As my voice grows I experience less fatigue and hoarseness in demanding circumstances. As a pastor I did not realize the hidden potential my voice had to express my message and move people.  I have worked with Arthur on my voice now for six months and continue to do so as it has been a great investment for me that will pay off for years to come. I highly recommend Arthur."

Sandra Dean - Professional Speaker

"I have a very soft voice and seemed incapable of changing it until I met Arthur.  He quickly taught me to project my voice in a way that tripled my volume. Learning so much more about my voice was an eye-opening adventure that I would suggest for any speaker who is truly committed to improving their speaking abilities.” 

Charlynn John

 "Arthur Morton is a miner digging down to the core of emotional caverns where our true hearts lie and our voices are often lost. The course work chips away to find the diamonds of communication that can transform an audience from listeners to individuals with treasures to store in their soul"



Keynote Preparation

Whether you are preparing a keynote address for 5000 people, a speech for the board, a presentation to close a deal or a sermon Arthur will meet with you and get you ready. Having worked with hundreds of speakers Arthurs greatest gift is immediately knowing what is needed and getting results. This can happen months before the event or the night before.

Voice Coaching

Voice work is the foundation of all public speaking. It is far more important than what is normally called public speaker training. It can be done one on one, in groups or online. Arthur will meet with you for an assessment and design with you a training program that suites your needs and goals.

Public Speaker Training

Public speaking is something anyone can learn to do well despite popular belief. It is simply a set of skills that can be attained through working with a coach. Arthur has many ongoing clients that train with him weekly to master these skills. Training enables these skills to become natural to the speaker enabling relaxation

Starter Packs



We offer one on one online training as well as full online courses.

Group Work

Group work is useful for groups of 4-15 students and allow students to experience the effect of training on other members of the class.

About the Coach



Arthur has trained hundreds of professional speakers in both public speaking and voice coaching. He specializes in taking great speakers to the next level as well as preparing beginners for special events.

One Man Shows


Arthur has been performing his one man shows for 20 years nationwide. He brings the highest production values and artistry to your event.



Arthur can be seen in TV and film currently on Murder Comes to Town as detective Nick Turley, The price of Fame, Reagan From Movie Star to President. Regional Theater credits include the Old Globe Theater, the Lambs Players in San Diego and the Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC. Arthur received his training at the British American Training Academy and earned his Master of Fine Arts from the professional actor training program at Southern Methodist University.